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DocuTalk : Talk to Your Documents

 Content Collaboration like never before. Manage, Share, Edit and NOW Talk to your Documents.

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Zero Shot Classification

Seamlessly organize your content with zero-shot classification based on custom user defined themes. Effortlessly categorize your data without predefined tags, unlocking unparalleled efficiency in collaboration. Simplify teamwork and unleash creativity with TeamSync

Generative AI

Your document summarization expert. Harnessing the power of generative AI, TeamSync swiftly condenses lengthy documents into concise summaries. Elevate efficiency and comprehension within your team with TeamSync's advanced summarization capabilities.

Metadata Extraction

AI-powered metadata extraction at your fingertips. Seamlessly extract key information from files with precision and efficiency. Revolutionize your workflow with TeamSync's intelligent metadata extraction, empowering your team to work smarter, not harder.

Search using Natural Language

NLP search redefined. With RAG-powered document analysis, TeamSync delivers lightning-fast search results tailored to your needs. Unlock the full potential of your documents with TeamSync's intuitive and efficient search functionality.

Empowering Collaboration: AI-Powered Document Management System

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Content Collaboration for  Enterprise

document management

Document Management

Our secure document management solution is tailored for businesses and organizations prioritizing safeguarding sensitive information. With advanced security measures like encryption, password protection, and multi-factor authentication, our product ensures exclusive access for authorized personnel.

Empower Your Workforce

User Friendly Interface

TeamSync is designed for accessibility and ease of use, ensuring that all team members can harness its capabilities without extensive training.

AI Powered

Maximize team collaboration with AI content tools. Integrate AI for streamlined workflows, boosted efficiency, and creative enhancement. From insights generation to task automation, see how AI revolutionizes content creation and collaboration.


As your business grows, so can your use of TeamSync. Our platform is scalable, allowing you to expand its benefits across your organization effortlessly.

Promoting Sustainability

Sustainability goes beyond a mere trend; it's an essential requirement in our modern world. TeamSync wholeheartedly acknowledges this imperative and stands committed to assisting your organization in adopting a more eco-conscious approach by:

reducing paper waste

Reducing Paper Waste

At TeamSync, we're dedicated to minimizing paper waste and promoting sustainability. Our software digitizes collaboration processes, eliminating paper documents and fostering eco-friendly business practices.

remote work capabilities

Remote Work Capabilities

At TeamSync, we promote remote work for a sustainable future. Seamless collaboration from anywhere fosters flexibility and boosts team performance, cutting commuting emissions while empowering global teamwork.

energy efficiency


Our cloud platform is tailored for efficiency, maximizing resource use and slashing energy consumption compared to traditional on-site solutions. Designed for sustainability, it optimizes resources for an eco-friendly tech approach.

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